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Default Games and Mods

All plans (including the free Basic plan) include the default "vanilla" Minetest Game mode, which includes some standard mods by default:beds, boats, bones, bucket, creative, default, doors, dye, farming, fire, flowers, give_initial_stuff, screwdriver, sethome, stairs, tnt, vessels, walls, wool, xpanes

Extra Games and Mods

The following extra subgames are available with all paid plans:

The following extra mods are available with all paid plans:

We want to support as many mods as possible, so more mods will be added as they are tested and  vetted.  If you have some favorite mods that you would like to see, let us know and we will try to get them added.

Technical Support

We want to make sure that your Minetest experience is a fun one, so we will provide email and chat support for any issues that you run into along the way.

Backup/Restore Worlds

Create backups of your worlds at any time and restore those backups if something (or someone) goes wrong.  We're working on adding support for downloading and uploading worlds as well, to make it easy for you to move your world from other hosting (or a local world) to

Custom Domain

By default, all games will be hosted on at a unique port, but if you would like to have your own custom domain, that is an option as well. 

World Webpages

Sometimes you have a world so awesome that you need a place to tell people about it, give them updates on changes you've made to it, show screenshots of some of the awesome features of your world, or list the rules and guidelines.  With World Webpages we'll give you a page for each of your worlds where you can do just that, with a nice and easy to use editor for making changes.

Mumble Server

Now you can add voice chat to your worlds, where players can communicate verbally while building a world together.  We'll host one Mumble voice chat server per account.

Custom Games and Mods

If you want a subgame or mod that we don't currently support, the Large plan includes support for uploading your own subgames and mods, or loading them directly from a web url.

This plan puts you on your own dedicated server, so if you load a subgame or mod that messes up your server, that's your responsibility.  We'll do everything we can to get things back up and running, but you should still use caution when loading subgames or mods from the web.