Minetest Hosting

Welcome to Minetest Hosting, the easiest way to get a Minetest server up and running.  Whether you're looking for a small server for a few friends, or a large server for the community, we're the service for you!  

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Why MinetestHosting.com?

Before MinetestHosting.com, you only had a few options if you wanted to setup a MInetest server for you and your friends to play:

  • Run a server from your house, which often involves opening a port on your router and setting up a Dynamic DNS service or giving out your home IP address (every time it changes).
  • Rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and setup and manage your Minetest server remotely, most likely (and cheaply) running Linux and using the command line to manage and configure everything.
  • Beg someone with one of the above already setup to host a server for you.

Now you can setup a public-facing MInetest server without fiddling with port forwarding and dynamic DNS, or dealing with the overhead of managing a VPS.

Features at a Glance

  • Many mods and subgames supported, with more added weekly!
  • An easy-to-use web interface for managing:
    • Worlds - Create and change your worlds easily
    • Players - Add, remove, kick, ban, and reset passwords painlessly
    • Mods - Add or remove mods from your worlds quickly
    • Server Console - Send commands to your worlds without even logging into the game
  • Backup and restore your worlds to guard against griefers (coming soon to select plans)
  • What else would you like to see here?  Let us know!